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1. 防火阀选用主要控制参数为规格等。

2. 防火阀适用于通风空调系统,除公共建筑的厨房排油烟系统用防火阀,动作温度为150℃外,一般通风空调系统用防火阀动作温度为70℃。

3. 防火阀适用于通风、空调或排烟系统的管道上,基本功能和适用范围见表1。

4。 选用阀门时应注意阀门的功能,如常开还是常闭、自动关闭开启、手动关闭开启、手动复位、讯号输出、远距离控制等要求。

5. 阀门若与风机联动的应选用带双微动开关装置。

6. 阀体叶片应为钢板,厚度为2~6mm,阀体为不燃材料制作,转动部件应采用耐腐蚀的金属材料,并转动灵活。阀门的外壳厚度不得小于2mm。易融部件应符合消防部门的认可标准。

1 fire valve selection of main control parameters for the specification.

2 fire safety valve for ventilation and air conditioning system, in addition to public buildings of the kitchen hood system for fireproof valve action, the temperature is 150 DEG C, the general ventilation and air conditioning system with fire valve temperature is 70 DEG C。

3 pipe damper for ventilation, air conditioning and smoke control system, the basic functions and scope of application are shown in table 1.

4. The selection of the valve should pay attention to the valve function, normally open or normally closed, shut down automatically open, manually shut down the open, manual reset, the output signal, remote control requirements.

5 if the valve with the wind turbine should be selected with a dual micro switch device.

6 valve blade should be steel plate, the thickness of 2~6mm, the body for the production of non combustible materials, rotating parts should be corrosion-resistant metal materials, and flexible rotation. Valve shell thickness of not less than 2mm. Easy financial components should comply with the fire department approved standards.



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